Entrepreneur, Consultant, Negotiator, Producer, Facilitator, Planner, Speaker, Choreographer, Performer – these are just some hats that Wuiping Yap wears. She founded and managed a non-profit organization promoting multiple cultural & community programs. Wuiping built partnerships and cultivated sponsors to produce and implement the annual National Asian Heritage Festival that attracts over 20,000 attendees for 10 consecutive years. She united corporations, government entities, cultural institutions, community organizations, performers, artisans, special interest groups under the umbrella of promoting culture and understanding. Wuiping has also developed multicultural events and heritage arts productions that attracted thousands of first time patrons.

Her expertise and experience in various industries including international trade; cultural heritage promotion; contract negotiations; performances arts; intercultural communications; festival development, marketing promotions, creative concept development, event management & production, to name a few culminates in a versatile entrepreneur that serves with a passion.

Wuiping strongly believes in soft diplomacy. She has conceived & led multiple customized overseas trade missions for senior US executives with a mandatory cultural exchange component built into the itinerary. She has also spoken to various government units on the topics of diversity, cross cultural communications and understanding.   After spending 10 years working professionally as a trade consultant focusing on international exchange, trade, sourcing, manufacturing, missions, negotiations, communications, sales & marketing while simultaneously being actively involved in the field of performing arts, community outreach & building, cultural heritage preservation & promotion, event production, Wuiping now aspire to cross pollinate her worlds to create fresh focuses with her partners and associates.

In 2010, she received the Special Recognition Award from Migrant Heritage Commission for promoting Asian Cultures. As the chief organizer for Asian Fortune (Asian Newspaper in the region) Tsunami Relief Effort, she help raised $80,000 for the victims of the Tsunami. As a result, she received the 2005 Steel Manufacturers Association Community Involvement Award.

Wuiping’s extensive network & contacts coupled with her multicultural & multilingual background and diverse industry experiences create an unparalleled advantage for all who choose to collaborate with her. She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and is proficient in Bahasa Indonesia and Hakka. Her knowledge, determination, commitment, know-how, creativity, and above all, her passion are what set her above par from all.

From her consulting firm Nagaaria to her nonprofit ventures – Asia Heritage Foundation, Celebrate Heritage; to her performance unit Dance Asia, Wuiping delivers excellence, epitomizing success for clients & partners alike through tremendous personal touch, or what is better known as “Wuiping’s Magic”.